Don’t cut corners when it comes to designing logos

A logo is the face of your company; a signature identified with your brand. It speaks volumes about you and your product. You must not think about money when it comes to designing logos. Hire the best design company to visualize your company’s logo.

There are quite a few designers who will design a logo for as little as $ 25. But you can imagine how much thought and effort they put into it. Then, there are logo designers who charge anything from $ 75 to $ 125 per hour. If you multiply the rate with the hours, you’ll get a figure that is near about what a professional agency would have quoted.

But there are people who will never learn. They still prefer going to the logo factories that churn out logos by the hundreds. These logos lack class, because they have been generated by software, and not by the human mind.

You need to understand that the process of design begins in the mind, not on a blank document on a computer screen. There are no alternatives to the mind. Some people will have you believe that you can design logos by going through self-help books, and buying the right design software. They can’t be more wrong. The truth is no one can teach you to design, like no one can make a singer out of you if you cannot sing two notes straight. Either you have the talent or you do not. What can be acquired is the grammar, the tool that helps you read or write.

A good designer will research your company, internalize its ethos and then recreate the essence of your organization in that magical unit called the logo. And that means more than choosing one font after the other and playing the game of probability with colors and effects. There are no rights and wrongs and no formula to be applied in making a logo. What a designer does is both instinctive and introspective.

Often clients are uncomfortable with logos at the first sight. That is bound to happen; tastes are subjective and everyone has a different idea of design. However, a good design grows on you and wins you over. You know it is right. And when you know it in your bones you know you have a good thing going.

So, don’t skimp on your logo design. Go for the best.

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