Points to keep in mind while designing hyperlinks

The hyperlinks are the digital threads that connect web pages. Without hyperlinks there will be no websites, and no navigation. A good website designer keeps this in mind while designing hyperlinks. He knows that a user cannot find a subject or web page of interest unless he spots the hyperlink. There are several ways that a web designer uses hyperlinks. Some of these are: 1. Use of color: A colored hyperlink is easy to spot. The designer can even avoid underlining the link. The only colors he has to be careful of are red and green; these can't be spotted by those who are color blind. 2. Navigation menu: The hyperlinks that form part of the navigation menu need not be underlined since they can be spotted easily. Underlining them only creates a clutter since the links are too close to each other. 3. Uniformity: The designer must follow a single style for hyperlinks. He can use the headline to place a hyperlink or the teaser paragraph. He can also use separate text like Full Story for hyperlinking. But once he decides the style he must stick to it. Otherwise, the reader will not know where to find the hyperlink. 4. Use of distinguishing colors: Visited and unvisited links should be in two different colors belonging to the same family like red and pink or dark blue and light blue. This helps the surfer not to click on the links that he has already clicked upon. 5. Avoid bunching: If you have several text links make sure that you do not place them too close to each other. This greatly inconveniences those who lack good motor skills. They encounter considerable difficulty in placing the mouse on the hyperlinked text. 6. Underline a link: There is no harm in underlining a link as long as the link does not happen to be a running sentence or paragraph. In that case, the underlining lowers the visual appeal of the text. 7. Use legible fonts: You should neither use small fonts nor fancy fonts for text links. The user should be able to read the text comfortably. These are not difficult guidelines to follow for any web designer. All that he needs to ensure is that any browser can see the hyperlinks easily. Also, the hyperlinks should not intrude into the main text or the design of the page. If he can achieve this then he has done his job well.

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