Points to remember while designing banner ads

Designing banner ads is not as simple it appears to be. If you want to design a banner ad all by yourself then you will need more than just talent; you also need loads of pizzazz. Especially if you expect your ad to have a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 2 to 3%; the average for a good banner.

Some of the points that you must keep in mind while designing a banner ad are:

1. The first is the objective. Remember every communication has a marketing objective. You need to know the purpose of the banner ad. For this, you need to ask the following questions:

-- What is the marketing objective? -- What is the target audience? -- What is the single most important message the banner should give out? This is important because a communication is most effective when it is focussed on a single message. -- What is the brand personality? -- Where will the banners run? 2. Keep the copy short and simple: Nothing works for the brand like short and clear copy and nothing goes against it as content that rambles. Keep the message short and snappy and always try to think out of the box. Remember a reader is only going to spare your banner a fraction of a second, if at all. You need to catch his eye and you cannot do that by being clichéd.

3. Look for a visual metaphor: A visual metaphor fires a reader’s interest. It also makes the message simple. A visual is the most basic form of communication; so, the minute you have a visual metaphor your job is half done.

4. Use animation: There is no denying that an animation can perk up your communication and make it more inviting. This, in turn, means that you are more likely to get a good CTR. However, be careful when designing animated ads. They should not blink into the eye of the browser. Also, they should not be heavy, and affect page download times.

5. Pique, don’t tease: Don’t design teaser banners to attract every Tom Dick and Harry. Pique a prospect’s interest by all means but make sure that your banner is for those people who matter.

6. Don’t use too many frames: Try and keep your message to one or at the most two frames. Any more than that and you are likely to lose your audience.

And finally, learn through your own mistakes. This is the best way to make banner ads that may get noticed.

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