Why do I need a website designer

Every web owner must at some point or the other have had to answer the following question: “Why do I need a web designer?” Why indeed? Software programmes like Dreamweaver or Frontpage can practically create a web page for you. So, why hire a designer?

You need a designer to achieve the following: 1. Consistent look and feel: A professional designer will be able to create a site, which matches your brand image across the media. If in the print and film media you have projected yourself as a responsible company, people on the net will certainly not find you a juvenile maverick.

2. Awareness of current trends: A web designer will be familiar with the latest design trend, techniques and technology. When you avail the services of a professional you know for sure that your site will be contemporary and therefore more efficient.

3. Knowledge of standards: Professional website designers know the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium. Therefore they can design websites that are more useable and work properly across browsers and platforms.

4. Speed: Quite naturally a seasoned designer is faster and commits fewer blunders. You can have a fully functional website in a few weeks.

5. Ideas: A good professional knows the tricks of the trade. He can therefore offer the clients inputs outside the scope of pure design. Very often features that improve the performance of a site are thought of by the designer.

6. Logical layout: A professional designer will be able to spot and warn a client of the trap most fall into: that of using their business structure as their site structure.

7. Increase traffic to your site: A website without traffic is of no use. Professional web designers know techniques that will throw up your pages in the search engines. They will also give you ideas of how to market your website both on and offline so that you always have visitors.

8. Compatibility: Website designers have access to a variety of web browsers and platforms and can test your site on all of them. This means that your site will work on more browsers and more people will see them – in the same format. More visits will mean more results.

9. Your site will work: Get an amateur to bake you a wedding cake or get an expert. Professionals know their job and that is what you pay them for. They know what you don’t. Get a professional designer and you can be sure that your site will work.

10. Convenience: Convenience is the top reason why you must hire a professional. If your skill is to market products and make money, concentrate on that. Let someone else build you a site that helps you do more of this.

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