What is a web page?

A web page is an HTML-formatted data that may contain, text, numbers, graphics, audio, video in either isolation or combination. It may exist on its own or it may be part of a larger site where several web pages are joined by hyperlinks. They usually all link back to a home page. Besides being linked through technology, these pages usually are a part of a larger whole; the web site being the whole.

Now let’s see how does a person come across a web page?

Every day millions of people sit at their computers, log into the Internet and type in small words or phrases into the search boxes of engines like Google, Lycos and Alta Vista. The engine travels through the infinite sea of Internet data and throws up all web pages that match the search words. It’s a bit like going to a mammoth library with endless number of books and asking the librarian to find books, simply because one does not know where to begin.

Once the search engine throws up all the web pages that match the topic either in parts or in whole, the reader has to sift through the pages and decide which one fits the bill.

The utility of web pages cannot be underestimated. In fact, it is unthinkable to imagine a world that does not have an Internet made of millions of web pages. The web pages are not only the best source of information but also the best tools to market products or service. Billions of dollars are made each day through the Internet. The world over, people are constantly searching for things that they need and it is no longer just in their own country that they are finding it.

The Internet has shrunk the world like never before and crept into our lives when we were not really looking. Today you can offer services or avail them from halfway across the world, without moving an inch. You can buy a Persian carpet on the net without making a trip to those ancient bazaars. And finally you can find the most absurd piece of information on the net without bringing out the leather bound volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

So whether you look at it objectively or with passion, web pages are here to stay. What you need to do is take a leaf out of the book of those who are net-savvy and start using the web pages to your advantage.

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