Top 10 e-commerce site design needs

An e-commerce store must speak for itself. This can happen only if the store is easy to navigate, and the shopper can buy a product with the least number of clicks. The most important products must be displayed prominently. Also, there should be a site map that can be used to locate sub-stores. Prices and offers too must be displayed prominently as also the shipping conditions and charges. You must remember that it is very easy to lose a customer and very difficult to get one. To prevent this from happening you should consider the following tope ten e-commerce design needs: 1. Keep the home page simple and informative. Avoid clutter because that invariably puts a person off. Think of a successful offline store that gives ample space to its customers to shop. 2. All promotional offers should be put up in big and bold letters in the common area so that people get to know the day's best bargains. 3. A conventional store has plenty of staff to direct customers to the right place. Show your online customer the same curtsey. Tell them where to go and make it easy for them to do so. Leave them hanging and you'll lose a sale. Also, always keep a customer service link on all pages. Today, it is possible to use live chat to guide a customer. 4. Always keep a separate link for a first time shopper so that the person can get oriented to your store. This really works wonders for first timers. 5. Include a product menu on the first page itself. And give the customers clear instructions on how to reach the product that interests them the most. Nothing can be more frustrating to a visitor than not being able to find the product in question. 6. Content is equally important. Smartly written copy in an online store is like the unobtrusive salesman, always at a respectful distance but ever willing to help you make a purchase decision. You wouldn't want this sales person to drone on next to your ears. Keep the copy the same way. 7. Offer personalization. Invite the customers to register and tell them the benefits of doing the same. But make sure that you keep the promises that you make. 8. Offer a community. When a visitor becomes a part of an online community, there are more revisits and therefore, sales. 9. Use iconography. This lends a definite character to your site and helps you build brand image. 10. Avoid too many flashing banners. These confuse the buyer.

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