Ten right things to do

Here are ten right things to do if you want your site to become popular: 1. Place your site name and logo on every page: This gives you branding and plants your site name firmly in the user's mind. Additionally, hyperlink the logo to the home page. This way the user can always return to the home page with ease. 2. Provide search box: Every site that is content-rich must provide a search box. This is a user-friendly feature that goes down well with visitors. 3. Write clearly: Keep wackiness at bay. Write simple headlines and make sure that the page titles clearly explain what the page is about. This is important because pages are searched at random by search engines and therefore need to be stand alone units. 4. Structure the page right: Help a reader scan through a page and find the relevant sections of information easily. This can be done by using subheads whenever needed. Always break long copy into small chunks of information. Readers find them easier to handle. 5. Have multiple pages: Don't cram everything into a single page that goes on endlessly. Divide the content into a starting page that provides an overview and several secondary pages that deal with specific topics. Give the visitor the liberty to pick and choose instead of making him sift through huge mounds of unnecessary information. 6. Have a light home page: The primary page is never for details. It should be like the show window of a departmental store, showcasing important information. One way to achieve this is to keep large photographs out of your home page and if possible out of other pages as well. Keep thumbnail shots and then link them to bigger pictures. 7. Reduce the weight of pictures: When working on a photograph use a combination of cropping and resizing to reduce the weight of the picture. If need be, use image compression software. 8. Hyperlinks: Use link titles to let the user know where each link will take them. Also, keep differently-abled people in mind. Design to ensure that important pages are accessible to users with disabilities, especially blind users. 9. Don't try to be dramatically different: Users form their expectations by visiting hundreds of sites. Let them feel comfortable on your site too. 10. Test your site before making it live: This can never be overemphasized. The more you test the more hyperlinks you can repair.

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